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Sprint salutes the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who dedicate their lives to serving our country. And now, with Sprint Perks, your service gets you more. Switch to Sprint and save 50% on family lines with Unlimited.

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Cost Savings Benefits

Cost Savings Benefits

The Sprint Works Program provides cost savings benefits for Hilton Team Members for their personal lines. It is a pleasure working with the Sprint Works Program Client Director, as she has become a trusted partner of Hilton and we look forward to working with her in the future.

- Sr Tech Support Analyst, Telephony Infrastructure Management – Hilton

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The savings really add up when you switch to Sprint. You'll save 50% on family lines with Unlimited.

Enjoy these features with Unlimited Premium:

  • Amazon Prime: Shop and get free shipping with Amazon Prime.
  • Hulu: Watch thousands of shows and movies with Hulu.
  • Tidal: Listen to your favorite tracks with TIDAL HiFi.
  • 100 GB Hotspot: Connect all your devices with 100 GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • Unlimited Roaming: Get Unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico.

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How much will you save? Get our top tier Unlimited Premium plan for the price of our mid-tier Unlimited Plus Plan. That's an additional value of $875/line each year ON US!.

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Sign up and we'll donate $10/per new account

Sprint has donated $482,650 to Fisher House Foundation. It's just one of the many ways that we support our troops and veterans.

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Programs for the

  • Exclusive discounts through Sprint Perks.
  • Services and equipment for those experiencing hearing loss through Sprint CapTel.
  • Deployed Military Program lets customers remain on their original service plan and keep their phone number for up to 36 months.
  • For veterans facing financial hardships, Assurance Wireless has a Lifeline Assistance program.
Military Friendly Employer 2020 and US Veterans Best of the Best 2019 awards
100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Applies to new lines of service for 30 days. Select exclusions apply.

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This app is absolutely wonderful. I haven’t won any sweepstakes yet but absolutely love love love the free movie rentals! It really brings the family together for a fantastic night in!!... Just open every day to see what you can receive... Discounts on plenty of things! Aboslutely brilliant!!!

- Jcswifey

Excellent Service to Customers

I have been a Sprint customer for over 5 years and even though the network is not 100% in all of LA, it’s the plans and offer and rewards like these which make the company stand out.

Thanks Sprint.

- Abhineet87

Exclusive savings & perks —just for you

The Sprint Perks Program extends exclusive savings and special offers to employees, students and members of organizations. If you qualify, you could save up to $1,400 your first year over AT&T. You'll save even more with special discounts on Sprint Drive and Sprint Tracker, plus enjoy special perks from My Sprint Rewards.