Google Apps for Work - Getting More Done in Less Time!
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G-suite (aka Google Apps for Work) has operationalized businesses by providing familiar tools to both office staff and field employees. During this webinar, you will hear a real example of how one business adopted G-suite and changed their business by:

  • Improving collaboration with co-workers in the office and out of the office.
  • Moving important customer and company information to electronic forms and documents.
  • Savings time with shared files

This webinar will be presented using Google Hangouts, so you’ll see exactly how the tool works!

Canvas - The Answer to the Time-Wasting Paper Chase Problem!
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The world may be shrinking, but it still takes time and money to get information back to your office – especially if your business has technicians or sales people in the field. At this webinar hear examples of how companies have saved money and time by using custom form.

And, Canvas can convert any form to a paperless version ensuring speed, delivery and accuracy back to the office. It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s 45-minutes to learn more!

Actsoft - Know if Your Field Workers Are On-Time, On-Task and Safe!
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If fleet and resource tracking for your business is becoming a headache, or even if you think you could do it better, easier, then this webinar is the one for you! Learn about:

  • Optimizing fleet resources by tracking visits and delivers
  • GPS Tracking to decrease unnecessary down time of vehicles and employees
  • Capturing signatures with wireless forms

45 minutes to making your business more efficient, isn’t it worth your time?

Airwatch - Everything You Need to Know About Securing Mobile Workers
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As critical business workflows are becoming more mobile, it’s necessary for companies of any size to have a mobile strategy in place. Provide your employees with tools that:
  • Make it easy to access email, apps, or resources from any device
  • Empowering IT with a secure mobility management solution

Learn how AirWatch can enable your mobile workers to be more productive and can secure and manage devices, apps, content, email, and browsing.

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