Insurance Telematics

Whether you’re an insurer writing auto policies or a fleet manager, you have common goals. Improve driver behavior, reduce accidents and drive down costs.

Sprint® Driver Development Solutions can help. You’ll create deeper emotional connections and brand engagement with your policyholders when they engage with  their own driving behavior, receive  coaching, and view vehicle health/performance …all on their existing smartphone. 

For insurers, that means you’ll be empowered to take telematics beyond a data stream for rating evaluation.  You can develop stronger, long-term relationships with your policyholders, improve retention rates and lower driver risk.

For fleet managers, you’ll have new insight into your entire fleet operation… how each and every vehicle is performing. With data at your fingertips you can improve driver safety, reduce fuel consumption, and monitor vehicle wear and tear with proactive maintenance

Benefits at a glance

  • Mitigate risk: Drivers can view real-time feedback after completing a trip and receive coaching tips on their driving via the smartphone app.

  • Influence driving behavior: Tracking data over time gives drivers an eye-opening view of how their behavior affects their wallets and the company’s bottom-line.

  • Build new revenue streams: Insurers and fleet managers can choose to link telematics to rewards programs to enhance employee satisfaction and build advertising relationships with restaurant chains or movie theatres.

  • Make a positive environmental impact: Smartphone app shows drivers how vehicle health, idling, high speed, and acceleration affect the environment.

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Insurance Telematics

It’s simple.  Better driver behavior drives down cost.

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