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Not all superheroes wear capes. Some carry a lesson planner and grade book. Some give lectures in the front of a classroom to a sea of students. Some drive a bus and serve lunches. Some answer the phone in the office. Education professionals like you do the hard work every day to inspire, encourage and help people make their dreams a reality. We believe your hard work should be rewarded. Now, YOUR JOB gets you more.

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Cost Savings Benefits

Cost Savings Benefits

The Sprint Works Program provides cost savings benefits for Hilton Team Members for their personal lines. It is a pleasure working with the Sprint Works Program Client Director, as she has become a trusted partner of Hilton and we look forward to working with her in the future.

- Sr Tech Support Analyst, Telephony Infrastructure Management – Hilton

Get $875 in perks ON US

The savings really add up when you switch to Sprint. Get our top-tier Unlimited Premium plan for the price of our mid-tier Unlimited Plus plan. That's an additional $875/line each year ON US.

Here's all the perks that make your life easier:

  • Amazon Prime: Shop and get free shipping with Amazon Prime.
  • Hulu: Watch thousands of shows and movies with Hulu.
  • Tidal: Listen to your favorite tracks with TIDAL HiFi.
  • 100 GB Hotspot: Connect all your devices with 100 GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • Unlimited Roaming: Get Unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico.

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How much will you save? Get our top tier Unlimited Premium plan for the price of our mid-tier Unlimited Plus Plan. That's an additional value of $875/line each year ON US!.

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Switch to Sprint and save $600 your first year over Verizon.

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Switch now to get a premium Android device like the Galaxy S10 for just $15/mo.



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This app is absolutely wonderful. I haven’t won any sweepstakes yet but absolutely love love love the free movie rentals! It really brings the family together for a fantastic night in!!... Just open every day to see what you can receive... Discounts on plenty of things! Aboslutely brilliant!!!

- Jcswifey

Excellent Service to Customers

I have been a Sprint customer for over 5 years and even though the network is not 100% in all of LA, it’s the plans and offer and rewards like these which make the company stand out.

Thanks Sprint.

- Abhineet87

Exclusive savings & perks —just for you

The Sprint Perks Program extends exclusive savings and special offers to employees, students and members of organizations. If you qualify, you could save up to $1,400 your first year over AT&T. You'll save even more with special discounts on Sprint Drive and Sprint Tracker, plus enjoy special perks from My Sprint Rewards.